LP's Online Adventures Episode 1!

That's a nice match up, AIs can bring good training for players that want to better their skill and abilities.
LOL You couldve just backdashed and took half his life for that... Horrible Auto GI... Funny when it happens yet he didnt land the JF life giving flip! Thanks for more useless moves namco!


Aug 16, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Posted by LP
Decided to post matches of stuff that I encounter that might be cool or out of the ordinary just cuz I have so many videos and want to delete some to make space while also sharing them with you guys! Usually, the highlight of the vid will be obvious but I'll let the vids play all the way through just because!

First up we have...an unblockable...healing...tech crouching...GI'ing...teching jumping...self-damaging...whatever the hell!? O.o
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