Mitsi(Krysis) VS Cervantes(Rob) part 2

Hm, it's very hard to tell if each player is skilled or not... simply because there's a lot of random attacks strung out there (especially towards the Mitsurugi) Though, the Gi capability is there between the two of you, and the Rugi does look like he knows a little something considering he used the auto GI on Cervs 4B K.

However, to the Rugi it looks like you need to practice a little more on your stancing. You seem to have the besics, though use Rugi's stancing to your advantage. Instead of doing a UB or MST B go into RLC and grab, or RLC K B. Or cancel to B:a JF. Also, your 2K,B use is decent, try to add some more follow ups though. Such as 2 K, b 66k or 11B, A. 2K, B is a awesome move, but you could definitley add more damage and better set-up options by following up after.
For the Cervy player:

@0:36 you grabbed the player when Mitsu is at your back. Itz best to do BT B K instead cuz once you hit him with that he's opened to two of Cervy's major setups. 66B which in your situation may lead to wallsplat opening for wallsplat combos and 3B which launches the opponent opening for a combo setup.

4A B is not a good move to begin with, ppl can easily step that and maybe punish you for it, but in this case the Mitsu player made a mistake and attacked too soon so you got lucky on that.

Plz post your vids here


Sep 24, 2009 at 5:47 AM
Posted by Shin-Mitsi
Me(Mitsi) vs my homeboi rob(cervy). One of quite a few competitive casual fight on the calibur. Looking for any comments/criticism/tournament locations and times....anything. whatever information you want to share with me good or bad. Thanks
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