NEC XII - Soulcalibur V Interview with Daishi Odashima

I'm going to be pissed if Talim's 33A is unsafe again
possible advanced defense can beat BE/no-BE mixups? Excellent.

clean hit's primary purpose is to normalize player skill? Horrible, the point of competitive play is to show difference in player skill.

JG carries risk? Excellent.

Liberal patching? Good, but Hilde-level brokeness should be patched.

Buff weaker side rather than nerf? This is good, but if one or two characters stand out, too much changes would have to come to pass for balance to return. Otherwise, this is the right way to go to please competitive players.
I dont see a problem with any of their new changes. Only thing i didnt like is how he described his ideal tier list with two bottom characters staying that way and no hope of a buff. Or at least i thought i heard him say that at some point.

I dont have any problem with clean hits personally although i will say depending on its percentage chance of outcome, it could encourage a degree of turtling and safer play in general for fear of taking that extra damage and that is detrimental to what he was trying to do by making the game more offensive. Or at least that is how i see it. This also could throw balance off a bit depending on what moves are clean hit types. If its a useless move, then it will probably only apply with scrubs vs scrubs but if it is on fast or wide punishers, stuffers and so on, that is another story.
How did the changes for the new player work out for Street Fighter? Last time I checked, there's a tournament for the game everywhere in the world. And now some people are trying to flip out over clean hit and make it more of an issue than what it really is when they weren't even at NEC to hear it explained for themselves. Please.
to much dumb and useless shit is being made for new players.
Q: Why so some moves randomly critical hit? ( clean hit )
A: So new players know what kind of moves are good and are encouraged to use them more.

facepalm so hard i brake my face.

Worst reason so add such a mechanic in the game.

Now we are gonna be inclined to use these moves more because of the chance of a crit.
really dislike the ramdom aspect.

not cool
Want to regenerate Guard meter? Just Guard.
Clean Hits are in Tekken, they are not random in Tekken, move's range hit has to do with it being or not being a Clean hit. It shouldn't be a random factor, but if that's what they thought of, lets test the odds.
Hahaha, "The Street Fighter 4 of Soul Calibur"
Just Guard is active during releasing G while tapping it fast, probably for 1 frame release input..?
Buff up any weak characters, no need to nerf characters if everyone is able to beast-around differently & equally.


Dec 6, 2011 at 4:22 PM
Posted by Malice
Daishi Odashima, who is the director for Soulcalibur V, along with Yoshi Utoh traveled all the way from Japan to Philadelphia for NEC XII to meet the Soulcaibur community as the first public demo in the United States for Soulcalibur V was being held here. During their visit, they were gracious enough to answer questions from the community in a interview conducted by BrewtusBibulus with

Keyframes from Sp1d3r:
0:50 What do Mitsurugi players have to look forward to with the removal of the knockdown of 2KB? (A 1:38)

3:30 People are wondering if there is any way to regenerate your guard guage? (A 4:15)

8:46 People are concerned that the flash of the Brave Edge moves will be too predictable. How does this factor into your design? (A 10:09 )

12:32 What is a clean hit? 13:25 Why is it random? (A 15:31)

16:56 Why can't you be more manly?

18:45 Why are so many characters getting their stances removed? (A 19:35)

21:05 What do players have to look forward to that enjoyed mechanic-heavy characters like Setsuka or stance-heavy characters like Ivy? (A1 22:30 | A2 23:30)

24:47 So you made the Street Fighter IV of Soul Calibur? (A1 25:13 | A2 25:38)

26:33 Can you explain Just-Guard?

27:30 What is the unsafe part of Just-Guard? (A1 28:00 | A2 28:46 )

31:00 What would it take for you to patch the game and how often do you plan on patching it? (A1 32:55 | A2 35:25 | A3 36:50 )

37:50 Are there infinites in the game? (A 38:18)

38:50 Regarding character balance, would you buff the weaker side or nerf the stronger side? (A 39:40)

For more information, visit:

Date: December 4, 2011.
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