Norik vs DarkRhythm - 8WAYRUN October Online Tournament

@REPROBEAN_CHILD I meant to say I am a Siegfried player too. For some reason you can't edit posts in videos.
Somehow I always thought Norik was a Siegfried player. Cool aPat
Damn. That aPat is just viscious with that JF Twister and JFs. I still like Setsuka more but this is some sweet stuff. :-)
I had fun for sure. Better be ready Norik next time we fight I wont be such a pushover haha
This is sweet stuff. Love the aPat action too. Nice matches


Oct 14, 2013 at 7:47 PM
Posted by Norik
Winners round 1: Norik (GT: Dark Khill) vs DarkRhythm (GT: xDarkRhythm)

00:15 Norik (Alpha Patroklos) vs DarkRhythm (Kilik)
02:07 Norik (Alpha Patroklos) vs DarkRhythm (Kilik)
04:41 Norik (Patroklos) vs DarkRhythm (Zwei)
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