Pyrrha is not safe tomight with that rape face of Pat.....
He's a little to happy about beating his sister. Also, the slowed down music makes this even funnier.
That damn pervert. We all know why he is smiling while looking at pyrrha.
Patroklos is the master of looking like a douche. Lol
Pattycakes giving sis that eye
I need a dollar. Dollar. Dollar. A Dollar's what I need...
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Saw this on Youtube...gotta check out what Reprobean said!
I experimented with this and it turns out all characters will do this once the timer runs out, even CaS. It seems character specific; some will grin, some smirk, and a few won't do anything (Pyrrha, Ezio)
played it back like 10 times! lmao


May 17, 2012 at 6:39 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
y u so happee
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