PGW 1/2 Finale Keev ( Pyrrha ) Vs Chris ( Siegfried )

I need that hype french guy at my house every time I lay the smack down online (no homo)
Wow. That Pyrrha is too solid. Poor guy got trashed but had his moments.
Pyrrah packs a punch for a innocent girl...
I hope she can't still do over half health with a single bar in the final game like she did at 1:30. Counter or no counter that seems like it should have scaled way more.
wow that low is way tricky, completely diff. level of play from Kayane's invitational too
wow lol what a gimmicky low


Oct 24, 2011 at 12:36 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
1/2 Finale du tournoi Organisé par Namco Bandai et Gnouz Corporation lors du Paris Game Week avec une Ps3 à gagner et de nombreux lots...

Plus d'infos sur la communauté française de soulcalibur , avec de nombreux tournois proposés. Enjoy
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