2B must the new 66B I guess.
Indeed these were good times. I miss trolling the shit out of people with Pat
These were good times. Wow looking back, what I wrote was pretty funny XD
Rank doesn't mean anything
How could an A rank get trolled by this? O.o
there's only one reason why he jumped, I 2B'd his brain into stupidity
Wow Rocktopus did nail it right on the head xD
That was just embarassing.....still wondering on why he jumped
I know XD. Also, why the hell did he jump on 1:06.
LMFAO hit the nail right on the head Rockto XD
Ive done this before with Mitsu. Pretty much this is whats going on in Zeros head
At :09 - Screw it, why not
0:17: I can't believe this is working
0:25: You deserve to get hit by this
0:30: Hes starting to side step, trying to be smart eh? Nothing 2A can't fix you filthy scrub.
0:32: No we're back in business
0:37: Damn, I gotta be smart about this. Nothing a little delay can't fix.
0:47: Crouching makes this guy whiff. Hes screwed now.
0:52: wheres my kicks
1:02: I thought he gave up?
1:04: He hurt me, he actually hurt me. Oh hell no.
1:11: I got enough time, one more.
1:14: Damn it not again.
2B too stronk!!!
Lol.. does he not know how to side step?
People ever hear about sidestep, backdash or anything?
I see, I see.
yh getting 66B+G to come out is actually harder than it looks, practiced it offline on arcade mode and I could barely grab them...I need more training!!!

I mixed up (barely) with FC A...that counts right?
Couple of things
-Make sure you make the knees come out as slow as possible (during overkill) "for maximum swag points." (@Blueboyb 2014)
-It is very important to make sure your opponent's back isn't toward you when you 66b+g grab him, as it will produce a backgrab
-try your best to 66b+g grab him at the last [milli]second before the round starts. swag.
-Try to mixup your FCB with FCK aswell. Your "style (swag) points" will decrease if you use the same move (Devil May Cry 2006)

Other than that, this was awesome! Good stuff.


Sep 20, 2014 at 7:31 PM
Posted by ZER0
I hope I made you proud LockDownZ
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