PSN: BentLeeT (rock) vs Woahhzz (siegfried)

lol 1a spam zhenk should talk. cuz thats all hes good for
Nice Rock as usual- though I'd rather watch a BentLeet (ROCK) VS Woahhzz (IVY). Also, Zhenk- playing you and Bent, I'd say Bent would have you on lock. lol.
You should post the vid of your Ivy vs. my Rock. I get RAPED. That's a testament to how bad the games actually felt. This was an anamoly. Oh and next time your capping vids, let a brotha know! I feel somewhat violated.
1. That's not a normal rock
2. The match was 4 bars and it felt like 3, when I stood there for those GBs i was trying to Gi but failed like twice.
3. Bentleet is psychic cause he knows what I'm breaking
Siegfried losing to rock.... Thats some new shit
So THAT's what Rock's 22A is for...... nice.


Oct 10, 2009 at 10:21 PM
Posted by NDK
PSN: BentLeeT (rock) vs Woahhzz (siegfried)
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