"Pyrrha Must Die" par Saitoh

The one thing that stood out for me is HOW MUCH DAMAGE MAXI DOES! o_o
Good stuff!!!

The scrubs want "Natsu Must Die", Saitoh. XD


Feb 9, 2012 at 9:02 AM
Posted by Saitoh
Suite au succès de la vidéo "Leixia Must Die", Saitoh nous en propose une autre, mais cette fois c'est Pyrrha qui est à l'honneur. La série des "Must Die" n'a pas pour vocation de montrer un match up particulier, la vidéo vous donne des infos sur les phases offensives de base et certaines frame data d'un personnage donné. A partir de ces infos, à vous de trouver votre contre-attaque qui pourra faire le plus de dégât avec votre personnage.

English translation:

Angel Step K : This move is very unsafe (-26 on block). Never leaves that one un-punished.

Angel Step B : Pyrrha's signature move is only -16 on block, so punish accordingly. If you JG this move successfully, punishment up to i22 are possible.

Angel Step A : One of Pyrrha's best TC and anti-step. One hit only leave her at -18 on block, leaving enough time to confirm and punish. If Pyrrha throw the 2nd hit, it's quite easy to confirm it and do a late jump attack. On block, the 2nd hit is -16 on block, allowing some punishment.

Angel Step A BE : Here you can use the same the method as with regular AS A, using a late jump attack. It's also possible to confirm the BraveEdge and JG the 3rd hit. The guardcrush move becomes punishable then, with slow moves up to i29.

1K : An annoying invisible low move. This is only -15 on block, making a punishment attempt very hard for some characters. If you anticipate the move and JG it, you can punish with i19 attacks.

11AA : On block, if you got a fast FC2A, you can punish and interrupt a possible follow-up. On hit, you can JG the follow-up and then punish it badly. At last, the fully charged version of the 2nd hit on block allows a CE or AS B to hit. It's then vital to JG the move, something not that difficult with some training.

3K,K : A day-1 gimmick. We see here how to punish it if the opponent try to use this.

66B+K, A,B : The full serie is guaranteed on counter, but Pyrrha cant confirm it. The 2nd hit is a high, so it's easy to crouch under it and punish, the 3rd hit released or not.

66B BE : Her best Brave Edge attack, this move tracks almost 100% and hit grounded opponent very easily. On block, the 2nd hit is blockstun, but it's possible to JG it and punis hit with i17 attacks. A left step is also a possibility for some characters, but it's way harder to do.

WS [A+B] : A slow mid move that guarantee a CE or AS B on block. It's very easy to wait a bit, then confirm it's the fully charged version and react accordingly. A left step or JG can deal with this easily.

22k~K : A low attack that leaves Pyrrha at -3 on block and kill the guard meter in 11. It can be an issue for slower characters. Anyway you can react to this with a very late jump attack, or even JG. A JG leaves the move at -17 on block.

CE : Pyrrha's CE impact at i13 and pushback on block, meaning the -17 on block can be very deceptive when it comes to punishment for some characters. It's quite easy to use this randomly as a shoryuken-like attack. Fortunately, if you were standing or blocking when the freeze happens, you can JG the three hits. It cancels the pushback, and make it at least -29 on block, allowing very heavy punishment. It can be quite hard to do tho, but practice makes perfect. A step is also possible after JGuarding the 1st or 2nd hit.
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