Quart de finale : Chris (Siegfried) vs Keev (Nightmare)

Fights really seem longer when the two opponents have a very high level.I don´t like Siegfried,i don´t love Nightmare neither but i have to admit that that was really a very technical fight.
Siegfried's BE after 3B will be not ACable in the last version
they did fix SCH K$, it combo'd just fine at SCR
@Reave - Not sure, but Chris might have been whiffing that BE attack from doing it outside of the right combo, its aerial controllable and the last hit re-LNC's airborne opponents, but I think it can only be done properly off of WR {B}, I only seen Chris attempt it off 3{B} etc...
Damn that was an amazing fight. I do hope they fix the whiffing issues with Seigfried's BE moves otherwise they are pointless. If they worked right that Nightmare would have been toast.
Its not often you get to see Sieg VS Nighty matches. Good game!
Good match. Though I still think NM is still too predictable/weak as a character. He needs more tools to work with.


Dec 26, 2011 at 3:41 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
Quart de finales du tournoi Soulcalibur V organisé lors de la session Namco Bandai Games le 17/12/2011.
Merci à Namco Bandai pour cette session.
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