Quickie Tutorial - Throw Breaks

Fuzzie what you need to do is come to a session, I'll run train on you with Asta, and you'll get the hang of it eventually through play/reflection.
I Really desperately need to get better at throw breaking, otherwise sc5 asta is going to wreck my shit every single time,...
These vids are quite useful for noobs getting into SC especially with SCV on the way. I'd rather play against a knowledgeable player then some newbie any day.
yeah, if reaction time is great then there's no reason to mash.

You're welcome :)

Yeah, some characters have ring out throws. So it helps if you remember what the input it is. Some people will just play at the ring edge and spam RO throws. If you know this, then breaking the grab will give you invincible defense and forces them to change up their strategy.
I rather break throws on reaction than just guess and press A & B in advance. I find myself in situations where a throw is whiffed and I couldn't punish as good.
Dude, shut up. Its designed for newbies, not elitist wannabes.
duhhhh how can you be a member of 8wayrun and not know this -_-
Which should also be mentioned: Try to memorize which input is required for throws that could ring you out


Oct 30, 2011 at 8:58 PM
Posted by Sp1d3r
A few words of advice when it comes to learning how to throw break.
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