Random Seong Mi-na fights Part 3 of 3

Very nice fights, and I like to watch Maxi players who obviously studied the character seriously.


Aug 16, 2009 at 4:34 PM
Posted by BifordusMaximus
The Cervantes guy I fought in this video managed to piss me off. Nothing worse than not being able to block lows on account of the connection... and the fact that the person keeps doing it.
Note: Description is the same as the first two videos.

I Like Using Mi-na. Most people dont like when I use her though. Lots of people dont like being kept at long range. I chose Seong Mi-na because not that many people use her. She's slow, predictable, easy to avoid and trying to fight close range with her is not a good idea. I have learned that using her requires the "mind games technique" which in my case I dont really have that ability. She is deceptively strong which is the main reason why I use her. I still have a lot of moves, timing and bad judgement calls to work out with her. Enjoy or hate these videos. ^_^'
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