Sc4 Online Community Project Part 2

Big RayRay got the heart symbol for Yoshi's CF - priceless...
Impressive but a lot of this stuff relies on the opponent teching like Azure Ace Kid.

Imt Dragon had some cool sophie stuff, didn't know 236236K catches techs after 236236AA. Some useless stuff too though, not like you're gonna hit 22, next combo is shakable, in the last one they tech with a wall behind them THREE times... also should have shown what you can do to them if they stay down in a lot of tech trap situations, b2:B:B:B to more TT setups.

bah what am I saying, I'm just mad you didn't include me :/ when do you do these recordings?


Aug 19, 2009 at 12:33 AM
Posted by babalook
Ya same as last time some of our top players showing some cool looking stuff. The song is not mine it is called agony by kotoko. Most of this is not ment to be practical if you want practical watch match videos. There may be a part three but im working on another project at the time called xboxlive highlights, which is the xboxlive version of hongkong highlights. I also must say it was a little rushed cause i had it laying around for to long so i just decided to put it out there. Hope you enjoy and comment :)
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