SC5 - more JF AGB fun - Alpha Patroklos

yeah .. but that makes for a pretty repetitive / boring combo in my opinion ... ;P ... I don't know if it works on this stage? ... I don't know what's up with the damage reset on the 1st combo either. I'm pretty sure they can't escape that

I just put the ce in there for kicks on the last part hah. can prolly do 8a+b,b, 2a,be, jf t for more dmg ender [other than agB loops]
For the 2nd combo, if you start with a:G:B a:G:B 2A BE 236B, A(w!), you can just keep on doing that for less meter and more than 240 damage
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You can 3b-->W!-->agB-->agB--> Twister or whatever after the FC3b:b BE if you don't want to spend anything but 50% meter.
on the 2nd combo, they'll die before you ever get to the super anyway since life is at 240. even so, you can just end the combo [for 100%] with a jf twister after the last 2a,be instead of 2362ba,super.

match-viable? hell no... not the full combo anyway haha.
very nice on the second combo.
so it requires a wall hit AND 250% meter?
is this even viable in an actual fight?


Apr 9, 2012 at 2:07 AM
Posted by Kane
I can't say I didn't spend a lot of time recording these 2 combos ... the first wasn't so crazy ... the second ... omfg. anyway ... hope you enjoy!

these are both guaranteed combos and although not shown, both Ukemi and air control settings were set to "Random".
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