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  • Heheh, yeah, I wouldn't question that.

    I wouldn't take pleasure in being your mortal enemy, but maybe the family kill...
    No, no, that's no fun either, definably a no no.

    No Family Murdering, I'll have to take a note of that.

    Good luck to you to, Prime!
    lul when are we gonna fight again?? i perfected you last match, want revenge muffinz?? =D

    im down, my chocolate cow is god!!
    "gg moo ^_^"?


    I am lookin' for a rematch, though, so anytime you're ready, brother! Woo! Yeah!
    yo ggs on xbl. i'm just learning how lame that ranked shit is...and how gay the xbox controller is...but ggs anyway. see ya around.
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