SCV Elysium CE startup animation addition glitch

OMG i thought my game was broken when it happened to me.. Glad to see it's not. lol But Viola's effect looks the best, Leixias is cool to..
i dont wanna say its a glitch...but i dont know what else to all the additions :/
Woahhzz: She does flash. Its much more visible with her 2P outfit.
Is it me or does she flash like a JF when she does Pyrrah's and oPyrrah's CE
Maybe if you can get an angle of her back, Natsu's tattoo appears.
ArcticKomodo: There is no extra animation with he for some reason. Just comes out as a normal CE.


Apr 21, 2012 at 5:25 PM
Posted by Paranormal_Oreo
You can see the character Elysium is mimicing's effect during the startup animation of her CE if you do 236236b:A+B+K. By: Paranormal Oreo
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