SCV GI-CE Just Guard & Ukemi CE Just Guard by RndmCE_Rome

I did'nt let the 2nd hit kill me :D I've tried to JG the second one, too but i failed. I load up the vid with the inputs and in slowmotion u can see that i put in the second JG 1 or 2 frames too early. Thats why i failed...
It mindfucked me when you just guarded my CE but what mindfucked me the most was the fact that you just let the 2nd hit kill you anyway
Thx Blueboy and Mark :)
Yeah, true XD Well, both situations absolutely blew me away and i was'nt anymore able to use my brain effective in any way, lol
That some pretty boss like JG


Oct 3, 2013 at 2:28 PM
Posted by Rome
Just a short video where i show an GI-CE Just Guard and an Ukemi CE Just Guard.
Hope you like it :)
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