SCV Lintinisi ( Ezio ) vs Rome ( Hilde ) FT3 Contest

Ya, thats right. I remember my first week with Hilde was sooo annoying, lol. Her playstyle is so specific and if u don't know what move in which situation you should do you can get really fast demotivated XDD And to learn how to charge while moving / attacking and ESPECIALLY how to charge not too long ( charge reset ) was also a really hard challenge. That's why i've dropped Hilde after this 1 week and went back to Yoshi... But anytime i've tried her again and then i just did'nt give up and now she is my main :D But it really needed a lot of time to play her really effective.
sure she got a bit tougher to use in 5 since you can't attack (with A/B) while charging, but she's got waaaay better normals this go around. learning to charge with her isn't as hard as it might seem at first glance .
@Robin With the right button setting her charges should'nt be anymore such a big problem :)
oh this really makes me wanna learn Hilde :( but her charges </3
Ya, it's not really easy to fight him


Oct 3, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Posted by Rome
Long time after my old channel got closed, here finally is my first big session on my new channel! Great battle with a great player! Hope you all enjoy! :)
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