SCV Little Patroklos Combo Demonstration

Thanks for the info Windstar :D
I can confirm most of these work. 3B 8A+B is a decent combo, but can be air-controlled. 66A BE combos with 1B BE and that can also lead to a CE, but it requires 2 full bars.
Before release? Amazing!
You are wrong: CaS and Main SCV characters have 5 differents sizes, if your CaS has the sime size number than the character he represents, he has the same hitbox. Respecting the enemy is just cause I hate Omega Phyrrha, but the better one to test combos is Viola (size 1 characters). Anycase I tested this combos on Viola and they work, so no problem here.
Next time when testing use the real Patrokolos and try on different victims instead of just Omega Pyrrha. CAS has different ranges and different hitboxes so not all combos demonstrated are guaranteed.


Jan 29, 2012 at 3:52 PM
Posted by Ozram
This is the last video. this time is some little combos & Patroklos play around (he is easy to use, but i find him funny to play), by Ozram (
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