SCV Offline FT10 - HolyCarp Vs. ZER0

@DIME: it's one of the major bad habits I go into when against Pyrrha and Pyrrha Omega, half the time I didn't even realise I backstepped.
tbh I don't know why I didn't use 4K BE, every time I opted for 3B, I was hoping to get some sought of wakeup-game going while trying to save meter, I lost heart knowing I should've trusted my better judgement

@LockDownZ: 3 DNS:B's > 4 66B's

@Shen11a1: I tried my bestl...but Carp was better in every aspect

@orangeislands31: rekt indeed DX
I like what I see. Good just guard punishment, block punish, good spacing and pressuring from both fighters.
I'm not sure if getting tagged for backstepping 3 times in a row is worse than eating 4 of NM's 66B in a row Kappa
holy shit, you got tagged for backstepping like three times in a row. lel. Also why don't you use 4K BE on the wall? There were several instances that you could've gotten the round if you had, but you opted for 3b shit.
yh I've looked back several times at this I do backstep a lot...when I was playing half the time I didn't even realised I's one of those bad habits I have...Carp caught on to it and made suffer everytime
Need to stop backstepping so much aswell. Nightmare's backstep is so good that you have to play off the fact that people will try to stop it so you have to do something different.
Zero my advice to you is to spend meter if you can. This includes GI :p
Play it simple by grabbing and 1/3/9k


Sep 16, 2014 at 12:37 PM
Posted by ZER0
Nightmare: wtf Pyrrha, we're both wielding Soul Edge, yet yours is smaller, faster and does the same damage mine does, what gives?

Pyrhha: Soul Edge picks and chooses how best to suit its wielder, right? besides you have trouble with not only my good side, but my mother, my aunt and my brother...what do you think'll happen when we have the same power boost that you possess?


Pyrhha: perhaps you should try and convince soul edge to change weapon?

Nightmare: I can't...the armour's been Sieg-a-fied too much...and Soul Edge is still taking the break-up from Soul Edge pretty badly.
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