np, I look forward to seeing more of your artwork.
@franman, thanks for the critique! I do think I was out of proportion because I was trying to be as close as to the reference picture I took of her 2A move while she was in gloomy. Thanks though, I am still learning everyday to get better and grow as an artist :) thanks for your input.
I really like the way you coloured her hair and the blade. The rest of the painting could've been better with more depth.

The drawing; however, is out of perspective, I notice the arms look very similar in length and her right leg could have been more thick.

Her head is also a little too big.
@IncultaWolf Thanks, I'll be doing an Ivy speedpaint soon :)


Aug 7, 2014 at 4:01 PM
Posted by AmyIntwined
-Speedpaint of one of my favorite characters.
Tira (c) Namco Bandai & Project Soul
Illustration (c) Me
Finished picture:
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