SCV Viola Combo Movie By SALMAN

I'm only going to assume the meter gain throughout these combos is ridiculous due to the hit count.
Great video SALMAN, I like your CaS.


Apr 8, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Posted by tosaka
Soul Calibur V Viola Combo .Not Basic (so maybe it need some practice)
The combos are old but after the DLC 3/4/2012 i remake the combos with new CAS so hope u like the combos and the CAS .
All these combos are test with ukemi and aerial control (maybe except 1or2 but it's all garantued and can't scapable so don't worry) enjoy .

1-Without The Blessing Of Fate (IVY SC5)
2-Unblessed Soul (IVY SC1)
3-Who's Stepped On Her Tail (SC3)
please : Like , Comment and Subscrip .
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