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  • hey not sure if you remember me, but your rock is awsome.
    didn't know you were on this forum too. we should play again sometime. =D
    my house, probably. it's close to the UCI campus.

    that's a shame, though. maybe next week!
    Hey, are you free Friday evenings? I dunno if you remember me from the Irvine tourney topic, but if you wanna meet up and play this Friday (or any Friday), that would be cool.
    Ah. I think you were the one who commented on how many characters I use?

    Yeah, I'm gradually phasing out my Rock from online play. He's at too big a disadvantage without a GI game.
    Hey I remember your Rock. I have almost completely dropped 1A from my game so as not to be one of those pathetic online Cass players that could never function offline. I like the results too.
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