Soul Calibur 4 Cassandra vs. Cervantes Punishment

And to think a lot of y'all are just now getting around to this..........

Told you guys Cervy was ass, put your effort towards Sets instead if you want to play to win.
Damn it, so many things I let Franman get away with. Watch your eyes next time, something long
Well then I'll be asking Amy, Asta, Apprentice and all other future-potential-threatened players to unite and take Cass down.
xD Don't worry Franman I plan to make one for all characters. Cervy just happened to be the one I tested on my own, as Amy, Asta and Apprentice were already done.
Dats it, I demand revenge on Cassandra. I ask all Cervy players to band together and make a Cervy vs Cassy Punishment vid.

Partisan you've gone too far; our time will come...
I'm too scrub to do iGDR so I left it out hoping that everybody would know to punish it
Very nice video. Makes me question what of cervys isnt punishable by cass. =/
lol, everything is punishable :) But you forgot iGDR :P


Apr 20, 2010 at 9:17 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
Demonstrating which of Cervantes moves are punishbale to Cassandra.

Audio is really quiet, I'll have to fix it for the next one ;P
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