SOUL CALIBUR 4 - Ps 3 / Xbox 360 Comparison [HD]

This is a video from GameTrailers I believe? If it is, then you have to question to dubiousness of this video. If it's from Digital Foundry, then it should be good. The problem with GameTrailers is that they "even" the playing field; when SC4 came out, there was not yet an HDMI option for the 360... so instead of comparing the HDMI on PS3 versus the YPbPr on the 360, they just did YPbPr on both... thus "gimping" the quality of the PS3 version. As well, they refuse to set the options on the ps3 that make video quality better "such as super-whites and other color correction options" because they are not the "default" settings.

Also, I wouldn't say the 360 has better lighting... I think the lighting is just BRIGHTER on the 360; its this very reason that the 360 has poor performance when it comes to "dark" scenes such as those present in Alan Wake. The real problem with the PS3 however is the lack of memory; it has great video performance, but the lack of memory causes some problems, including random lag and stutter.


Sep 19, 2010 at 1:27 PM
Posted by Shenkar

Comparison between the two versions of the game
Watch it in high quality
very slight differences : xbox has better lightning but Ps 3 better textures. What do you think ?
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