Soul Calibur 5: 47 Hit Combo with Astaroth

You did this in a real fight? Can´t believe it, sry. Too many circumstances.
It's like the word ain't. People use it, but it's wrong.
Haha really now? Huh well thank you for telling me that ^^ but if that's true how come spell check says it's a real word? O.o Normally if I type something wrong a little red line appears saying its wrong. Ahh damn it all lol
At this point in your life it is my duty to tell you that "irregardless" is not a true word.
Irregardless,still a 34 hit combo will equal Death. But like I said it's a vacuum grab,you can pull it off quite easily as a mind game because everyone is already ready for Asta's B or A grab. I've had a 98% success with it. The 2% failure was due to mis-timing the recovery animation to lock them into standing,or Soulcalibur being Soulcalibur and not giving me the C.E. -_-
Also this was frustrating due to how Ezio would fall,sometimes the next part would miss on him. Thats why I started just mashing it out at the end haha I wasn't taking a chance of it dropping.


Aug 1, 2013 at 9:33 AM
Posted by Ittarra Oda
Yes that's right a 47 hit combo with Astaroth. This combo was discovered by me Ittarra Oda at 2:25 A.M. Eastern Standard Time [Had to get official haha] This combo is not a guaranteed damaging combo;however it is used for optimized on hits and damage. End result? Aeon quit Soulcalibur

Small edit: The C.E. is a vacuum grab,if you time it just right you can freeze frame the C.E. locking your opponent into a full standing pose instead of the crouching.
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