Soul Calibur 5 - Damage Report

Great points guys, thanks for your input :)
@REPROBEAN_CHILD also with their hitbox being noticeably smaller than normal they can also avoid usually guaranteed damage not just from oki but also some combos too.
On one hand, I like the fact that CaS sizes could be changed. I didn't like how their model were all the same size in SCIV, but in SCV they could be made to be more faithful to the originals. Then again, fighting Maxi and Mitsu CaS set at size 1 and 2 with higher damage is bullshit.
Disregard my last comment, it does do less damage.
So does this mean bigger chars do less/shitty damage, or the same as their normal sizes?
yeah boo hoo right!? Sorry, I should also mention that they are faster... which means that all frame data is barely applicable. And you obviously didn't notice the DC,K,B,B with a difference of an insane 19. Don't forget to multiply the added damage by how many attacks it takes to win a round. I'll admit, these weren't all the best examples, but this was more about awareness than anything else.
Oh no, she did 4 damage extra but has shorter reach. This is terrible!


Feb 22, 2014 at 8:35 PM
Posted by Dleek146
I won't name names... but I will copy your character from a replay and use them as an example of how some people use tiny characters to win all the time... well a little over 80% of the time :P
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