Soul Calibur 5 Demo - Top French Players - Ivy VS Maxi - True HD Quality

There's a difference between a legitimate complaint with actual supporting arguments, instead of you going off saying "this is easy, ring outs are cheap, i'm in a bad mood so i can do whatever I want"

Nobody likes to hear your baseless ranting
*IMBECILE! I will whip you, you impudent fool!
You DARE show disrespect to ME?!...*
--7:57--> *F^ç# YOU!*
ladies and gents, if that was what she actually did say, would you think Project Soul would keep something like that?
It almost sounds like what she said.
nope im allowed to post complaints about a game thats why we are here.
thephenomraven: You're going to be sorry if you keep up your current behaviour in this forum
also i see they kept the easy way to win in im sorry maybe im in a bad mood but i think the only people who use ring out r those who cant play the game. this is about the phyrra vs astartho video think i moved to it if not sorry.
Wow. Maxi never looked so good. Or should i say he finally looks good. XD. Great match. Ivy wasnt much of a show, but its a demo. no worries.
Lots of potential there. Ivy is so boring..
Can I get more Natsu and ZWEI "Top French Players" matches.
but That was a great match.


Oct 5, 2011 at 9:36 AM
Posted by Malice
Ivy Vs Maxi
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