Soul Calibur 5 | SoulofSiegfried (JerichoxWar) Gets the D

Jerichoxwar loves quitting on me too.. =P I just wish he'd be nicer to people, if he fought someone 6 times and lost 5 times, putting up that one video is pretty mean.... -_-;
@ Marginal Care to elaborate?
Jericho just likes his channel dedicated to "jokes" as do others.
If someone had their gamertag named after a character you would expect them to be good with them


Sep 27, 2013 at 10:01 PM
Posted by Deitous
YouTube user: Joel Whitefield has a channel of 3-2 videos of him getting the better of many well known Soul Calibur players or players he just doesn't seem to like. Whats wrong with his videos (besides the fact that his videos are cell phone quality, and backed by cheesy rock music) is that they are fraudulent. He seems to take pleasure in insecurely uploading videos of him luckily snatching a win and claiming that he has triumphed over the other player in a significant way although most of the matches are extremely close and its apparent he was struggling or got lucky. Even I can be found on his channel, although I beat him 5-0 shutout in a FT5 and legitimatly have nothig to prove to him (Witnesses: ShynySnivy and aAnubis the God.) Anyway, I decided I would upload one of the countless wins where I have smacked him 3-0. Not just to teach him a lesson, But for lulz. :) Enjoy!

More footage of him being slapped (And quitting):
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