Soul Calibur 5: WTF moment of Bull rushing

The ugly CaS here is the Asta, the ugly ass colours on the other hand is Caspian
V except none of them were using CAS, its still Alpha Patroklos, he just modded the name, if you listen closely he still has pattycake's voice
That's what you get for playing that ugly ass CaS
Dem bull rush charged air particles require more visual cues. Or maybe it is just an attack that wounds you even if you dodge it?
No, now I get it, it is just a POS.
@FleshMasher Nah, it's not a trade...
It is very disorientating... I've already registered that I've missed when they stepped often long before the rush even starts, then it hits and it's like "errr... 2A, I guess?"
-_- I've had this done to's not funny ; - ;
Looks like even Asta is surprised and disoriented at the fact that it worked. Or was that some kind of trade hit that didn't register in his health bar because he won?
They seriously need to lower its active frames by about 10 frames
Now that is just PURE retardation
Great, another vertical with stupid tracking. Tracking has been a problem since sc3, and they STILL can't seem it get it right! WTF?
That´s just charged bullrush at it´s BEST! xD
This move is so retarded


Mar 26, 2013 at 6:10 AM
Posted by CaspianVII
That Bull-rush Hitbox................................
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