Soul Calibur Team Tag Combo Video 2

Make it happen Namco, you bag of dicks
Really hope they add this mode again in SC6 and a whole bunch of other (previously present) modes :(
I always wondered why they didn't add in tag mode in sc5 as an extra mode. that alone would have gotten the game more sales.
Wow that was very creative! That last one, tho? Algol? Daaammnn!
I bow before your badassery.
Inside the Tower of Lost Souls Mode works the old "Versus Special System", where you can change the attributes of your characters (attack, defense, HP) and there are skills too. So, the damage of the combos does not match with the "real" damage of the moves at most of the times.

Hot Rod Dave
thanks a lot! Believe me, the ideia is pretty cool and the tag system was very well made inside TOLS. Unfortunatelly, Namco did not take advantage of it.
Simply awesome. I loved the other combo vids you made. This is truley a work of art. I loved it!!

Almost makes me think they should make a Soul Calibur tag Team game type thing. Looks kinda fun!! Great stuff vini
Wow was Damage scaling really this hard hitting in SCIV or is it just the tag system coming into play?


Apr 4, 2013 at 7:39 PM
Posted by Vini
Here we are with the second version of the SC Team Tag Combo Video. This time I tried to use the swittches as many times I could and give more variation in the sequences. The purpose was to show the big potential of the Team Tag System has in SC.

I would really appreciate if Namco put Team Tag Mode in a future version of Soul Calibur as a mode. As a matter of fact, I really want SC as it was in the past, with many very good modes it used to have (Team Battle Mode, Team Versus, Survival, Time Attack, Edge Master Mode, Museum, etc). Please Namco, wake up and give us a complete game again.

I used only characters I had some experience in SC4 to show a good stuff, so I´m sorry if your favourite character is missing.

* All combos are guaranteed.
* The Combos were recorded inside the Tower of Lost Souls Ascend Mode. As it works with the "versus special system "(where you can change the character's attributes and skills include) the amount of damage of the combos do not match the real damage from the blows.
* Tools used: Avermedia Game Capture HD (record) and Windows Movie Maker (edit).

If you didn´t watch the first ever SC Team Tag Combo Video, I invite you to see:

I expect you enjoy it.

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