Soul Calibur V Legendary Souls White Knight #7 World Fastest Time 5 Minutes

Lol I think using Sigs 1AA and BBA(hold) on human players might not work so well? And where was the iagA ringouts sad face...
Oh no now you know my secret lol. At least I think you do because it sounds alot like the ninja turtles 2 cheat code ;)
Siggy has it easy in Legendary Souls!


Jun 19, 2012 at 7:22 PM
Posted by GrapplerAndrew
Soul Calibur V - Legendary Souls - White Knight - Fastest Time - 5 Minutes - Round 11 - Number #7 In The World - Number #6 North/South America - Number #1 Siegfried
Player: Andrew Carl Gilbert
Location: Calgary, Alberta - Canada
Console: Xbox 360 Live
Recorded: Using a TV Tuner, Aver Media Center and Adobe Premiere
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