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@ dapinkpwner Yeah, send me a FR. Dunno how the lag will be since I'm from the Uk but I guess we'll see.
@HRD Your advice is always useful so keep throwing it at me, whether I listen or not. Its more a force of habit atm. When my opponent starts blocking the K too much or ducking it, that's when I go into RC. I know it probably isn't the best idea to wait to be punished before I mix it up but, as I said, force of habit. Thanks though, I appreciate everything you comment on my vids
Damn you love 4BBK dont you.

What I like to do. Is fish for 4BB CH's. 4BB is safe on block and is un-interuptable. So you have no reason to not do it. I like to throw out 4BB's and hope I get the 2nd hit to land, then I in turn go into RC mixups, which is all gauranteed on CH for big damage. I personally use 4BBK very seldom. Simply beacuse of what I told you earlier. People that have even a shred of maxi knowledge are gonna block/duck the K and punish you for big damage.

So dont be scared to space out your opp by throwing out 4BB's.

I say these things to you cause thats how im comfortable playing and it works really well for me and my playstyle. By all means you are not a bad maxi player. In fact your coming up pretty well. But you gotta find a cross between what is safe, what you feel comfortable with and whats gonna give you big damage. You arent getting punished to bad on block with it. But 4BB into RC is just HRD-like.....LOL.

You can tell me to STFU if you want. I can hang!
I feel compelled to play you. LAYTER?


Jul 6, 2012 at 10:20 AM
Posted by WolfLoneThe
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