SOULCALIBUR III Original Soundtrack

Ephemeral Dream is my favorite here and I'm glad it's available for SCV download. The Edgemaster and Alpha Patroklos themes are very similar so I can replace one of their stage's BGM with Setsuka's SCIII theme.
Best in the series in my opinion, Hour of Destiny, Catastrophe, World Distortion and Forsaken Sanctuary are my favorites.
Ivy's theme is aural sex. Such a PERFECTLY composed track befitting of her plight. I hope she has this theme or one that measure up to it in Soul Calibur V.
I'm in love with Fearless Eyes !!
History Beckons, the most badass character select screen music EVAH!
I really liked the Soul Blade soundtrack I think it was Li Longs arranged version with the drums in the background I don't know I just have fond memories with Li Long with his green dragon pants on the raft listening to that track.
Thanks alot for uploading the SC3 soundtrack. Its probably my overall favorite soundtrack in the series.
SC2 soundtrack will be coming soon...
Is the Sc2 soundtrack up? It's number uno.
I told you that I had this soundtrack.

Anyway, this is the best soundtrack in the series in my opinion.
Yea, there really were few aspects in SC3 that I have overlooked, because playing the actual game was not as fun for me as before. SC3 had really nice music and some of the stages were gorgeous. Costumes were a bit hit-or-miss.
I don't think we give enough credit to the soundtrack for SC3. Yeah, the game may have been bad, but the soundtrack is definitely the best in the series... even better than the fan-favorite Soulcalibur 1.


Feb 16, 2011 at 3:49 PM
Posted by Jaxel
Complete Japanese soundtrack from Soulcalibur III for the Playstation 2.
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