Soulcalibur IV Special Combo Feature

I don't think that the latest patch was there during the time that he recorded that Algol bubble juggle
I don't get it... Are some copies of the game different? Is it a hack? Is it a patch that was fixed after the video was made. 3:47 Algol combos with the bubbles can't be done on my game. when you do 8A+B shot, it shoots you behind Algol. In this video it hits them straight in the air again.
can some 1 answer this for me?


Nov 22, 2008 at 5:52 AM
Posted by Jaxel
This is a combo video put together by Japanese players, working with Project Soul. Most of these combos should still work, but it should be noted that this video was put together using version 1.02 of the SC4 engine. These combos are some of the highest damaging combos for a character; safety of the setups, difficulty of the inputs, as well as the actions of the opponent (counterhit or not) should be taken into consideration when judging the use of some of these combos.
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