SoulCalibur V Angry Review

He went from a good review to scrubby bitching about nightmare
I agree with him and the score he gives. I especially agree with CAS, the major turn off for me is that they mimic 100% of the original cast move sets.
Awesome review. Funny and so much truth.
"Fan fiction awful" to describe the dialogue = best line.

To be fair if the game was rushed, rushing the single player over the MP was the right choice- delaying it would've been a better choice.
Also...yeah, why not do the ENTIRE story cutscenes in CG?
He knows the value of random Ezio CE. Well done.
I LOVE this man's work. He is hilarious and 100% right on everything.
You guys should watch his SF x T review.


Mar 11, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Posted by DevilsDisguise
He pretty much nailed it.
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