SOULCALIBUR V - Lobby Crashers (Ep. 4)

mhm. I might be showing off my cas but I got random bullshit from friends I showed it to so I'm like whatever and keeping it to myself and people I play usually :D
Samantha is my favourite from the group. :) I like effective but cute / pretty creations as far as females go.


Mar 20, 2013 at 3:16 PM
Posted by CjHN2
some fights in a player match lobby featuring Samantha, Edith, Judith, Kris and Yoshimitsu - 3/17/13

Record: 3-3

The guy playing with Ivy and Pyrrha was giving fits; I felt like was being outplayed by him - - - he was on Episode 2. I'm hosting.

Judith vs Ivy CC - 0:00
Kris vs Pyrrha CC - 3:25
Samantha vs Natsu CC - 5:01
Yoshimitsu vs Pyrrha CC - 6:57
Samantha vs Astaroth - 10:03
Edith vs Ivy CC - 12:32
3     0     1,206