SoulCalibur VI in 2023 | Who to START With?

Indeed, Mitsurugi, to me personally is like the Ryu of SoulCalibur. XD
He was the first character I picked, back when Soul Edge was an arcade game,
and I mained this character in every series ever since.

Great recommendation of the characters. I agreed that Sophitia was another
well rounded character too. It was interesting to see them both being used
to introduce the SC6 game in their first trailer. Seong Mina was an interesting
recommendation for long range fighting. What's interesting is that she was the
first opponent I ever fought against in the first stage, of the Soul Edge game.
Reflecting on that now, I can see why she can be easy to pick up for long range
fighting. Overall cool video. :)


Mar 5, 2023 at 7:46 PM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
As I patiently wait for SCVII, here's a mini-guide on good starting characters!
If you're having a little difficulty with the FGC notation terminology, check out here:

*This video was created using PS5's Share Factory until I can upgrade my capture card and editing software.

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1. Mitsurugi
2. Sophitia
3. Seong Mi-na
4. ???

*Additional Notes
- Throws in SoulCalibur are performed by pressing A+G or 4A+G. A+G throws are broken by pressing an action button (such as "A") + a direction other than back upon the throw. 4A+G throws are broken by pressing back + an action button upon the throw. Throw ranges vary between the characters. Characters like Nightmare have a large throw range whereas characters like Xianghua have small throw ranges. Characters such as Ivy or Astaroth in particular have strong command grabs requiring more complex inputs, with smaller throw escape windows.
- If you get knocked down, you can either just lie down on the ground (and block from the ground if attacked!) Or tech roll by pressing the Guard button + a direction right as you hit the ground. Beware of "Tech Traps", which are setups designed to hit you during a tech roll since tech rolls don't have complete invincibility. If the opponent uses tech traps, just lie on the ground and block what you can, if the opponent tries to immediately pressure or hit you on the ground a lot, back tech roll "ukemi" if you need to create space.
- Reversal Edges can be beaten by sidestepping then punishing like a linear Break Attack (or Nightmare's CE!). And before you ask, you can Reversal Edge a Reversal Edge.
- Nightmare's "AA" is actually i16, not i18 (Seong Mina's is i18)

*i10 Strikes: AA, 6B, etc.
- Cassandra
- Taki
- Xianghua
- Yoshimitsu
- Amy
- Azwel (Requires "Sword Mode")

*Slower than i12 AA's
- Astaroth (i20)
- Seong Mina (i18)
- Nightmare (i16)
- Siegfried (i16)
- Voldo (i14)
- Haohmaru (i14)

For Directional Notation

7 8 9

4 5 6

1 2 3

Each number represents the corresponding direction. 1 for "Down-Back", 9 for "Up-Forward", 5 for "Neutral" or no input, etc. Quarter-Circle Back = 214, Quarter-Circle Forward = 236, Half-Circle Back = 63214, Half-Circle Forward = 41236, etc.

For Input commands:

A = Horizontal Attack
B = Vertical Attack
K = Kick
G = Guard Button
6G = Guard Impact
A+G = First Throw
4A+G = Second Throw
6B+G = Resist Impact
B+G = Reversal Edge
A+B+K = Critical Edge
236A+B+K = Soul Attack


W! = Wall Splat
W!! = Second Wall Splat
GB! = Guard Burst
CE = Critical Edge
( ) = Held Input
: = Just Frame Input

Here's SoulCalibur VI's TopTierTips Guide:

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