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  • Oops! I forgot how to update my fan art thread. I ended up posting two more images as a reply instead of an update.
    Darn...it's been awhile since I posted anything. ^^;
    Every time I log here, it would seem that the community is still not
    lively. Did everyone leave this site or something? What's going on?
    Oh I see. Thanks for sharing that. ^^
    It certainly seems like that may be the case. Discord has been strangely popular. Though I
    don't see why. For me personally, the site seems confusing. I never know who I'm replying
    to in a sea of incoming traffic of commentaries. How does anyone keep up with that? XD
    Who can say? I've never understood why when things like Steam came along people started buying hundreds of games they'd never play. I think it's safe to say though that these instant online things have brought out some odd compulsive behaviours.

    On some level people actually seem to want to be buried in that mess as some form of escapism. The psychological comparisons to illegal drug use also cannot be understated.
    That's a scary place to be in. I think you nailed it.
    Not much to share in update at the moment. Just super busy making ends meet. But I do hope that
    I'll be more socially active here again and even share some fan related content. Here's hoping. :)
    I got a glimpse of a gamer from Twitch still playing Chronicles of the Sword.
    Awesome stuff. I miss playing that mode. I'm currently still working on a SC3
    Chronicles of the Sword fan comic. I wanted to share a comment, but I don't have a
    Twitch account. Too many accounts to keep track of. I just don't have that kind of
    luxury of time. ^^;
    Just dropping by briefly again. Sort of have some stuff I need to do with my art works and stuff.
    Hope everyone is doing well. ^^
    Dropping by once again to check around. Still just super busy.
    Haven't had much of a break.
    Just dropping by to catch up a little. Situation with being super busy, has been
    pretty much the same. I'll drop by whenever I can. ^^
    Been super busy with full time work, so I hardly have much personal time for myself.
    It's not so bad though. Just gotta figure out a creative way to make time somehow. I'll be in touch
    whenever possible. ^^
    Finally back online. Been without internet access for 3 to 4 days until I was finally able to pay my bill. XD
    Always a battle in life. I guess what's in my soul, is "Making ends Meets" LOL
    I finally made a visual contribution of one of my fan related works. Hope you guys enjoy! ^^
    I'm still thinking of sharing my fan comic here. I just haven't figured out exactly how I want to post them,.
    The weeks have kept me super busy. ^^
    oh snap, I didn't notice this but it's really cool seeing Seong Mina's image on the header of the web page above and seeing my persona header below in contrast, with the black and white version of the characters. I thought that was visually a cool coincidence. XD
    Hm...after looking up the definition of a fan trailer. I guess what I have is not exactly a content of anything up and coming, but more like a fan video of a trailer. So I came to the conclusion that I'll post it under "fan video". ^^;
    Not sure whether to post my fan video under the catagory of trailer, or fan video. It's my own character trailer, but it's just fan made.
    I guess to be safe, I'll put it under "fan video" cause it's not an actual trailer per say, if that makes any sense. XD
    Sweet! My video was already approved. I hadn't noticed until I checked my media thing. XD Cool. ^^
    I posted my two part fan video, called "Interactive Warrior" This was done back when I was in college. ^^
    I guess I'll have to wait for an approval. ^^;
    It's super quiet around here. It seems most of the activity is taking place in live streams. I guess I'll drop by later. ^^
    Oh boy! It's been a very long while! Been super busy making ends meet in real life! It's a long incredible story. Never a dull moment I always say. XD
    Wow, looking back at my older posts and stuff is like looking at my former self. I guess I've changed and have grown more confident since then. Overcame my inner demons, and grew stronger in character. I guess it's time I update my profile a bit. ^^
    The best way to fix my old PS3 is with a baseball bat. If I can't play games on it, then no one can. I'm switching to XBox. Screw that.
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    Let's HOPE you don't get the RROD... Good Luck!
    Ishimaru Jinrai
    Ishimaru Jinrai
    The new Xbox Elites don't have the RRoD problem anymore, that was a faulty hard ware problem with the original xbox 360's, but didn't start breaking until a year after functionality.

    and LMAO @ fixing it with a bat! xD
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