【SOULCALIBURⅤ TGN30】First part Developer's exhibition match P6

Dat combo @ 12:58. My goodness, I'm loving the gameplay so far. Please, somebody, knock me out, put me in a freezer for a month and a half and defrost me when the game comes out. Kthxbye.
lol.. Hilde just-guarded dat ass @ 2:11.
And, Maxi's whiff at 9:50, wow! it was in his face but didn't connect... Asta still has vacuum grabs and Maxi can't even connect a backfist guard breaker ftw...
Yes, please bring attention to this, it would be quite annoying to miss the combo for a tournament win or something like that, perhaps it should change near the wall for added damage, her CE doesn't do that much to begin with, having an additional near wall option for her CE would at the very least add some more originality to SC5...
What's up with those funky sound effects when maxi attacks? It's a tad annoying.
OH, dat FEINT [9:17]...!!! Kenny might be a BEAST this time around. It's about time, too; Kenny hasn't been good since SCII.
The Hilde CF animation whiffing at 4:00 should be fixed. The hitbox on the last hit should be so big it can't be avoided. No reason a cinematic move misses like that.


Dec 11, 2011 at 1:53 AM
Posted by masakarijin
2011年11月19日(SAT)TGN 30th Night『SOULCALIBURⅤ』First part Developer's exhibition match
At Akihabara Clark studio
Commentary:MC Tsuno☆Kyou・GAMER Idol Nagisa・STRIKE COE Nutaisyou・TGN Representation Miyao・Project Soul Producer Hisaharu Tago

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