Starting A War? More to come?

that matchup is bad!! mitsurugi beats the fuck out of xiba!!!
@windofMitsu That would be everyone whos told me "check mate".
But even DEX didn't make that up, retard.
Also, VDW can only make one more of these videos while PW can make 10 more. GG's.
Party Wolf beating you 10 games when you could only win 2. I'd call that pretty consistent.
This is childish, and its just drama for the sake of drama. We dont need two alex j's.
He says Checkmate like DEX. Confirmed Dumbass.
Damage Control at it's finest only picking the game out of the two games you won.
"Don't underestimate me."
check mate
I saw you losing multiple times vs Party Wolf. I think that's what everyone else saw also.
You should see a Dr. to help you out with your "blindness".
What I'm getting is you are so bad, losing to you once is horrible. Because you are that shitty. Even Party Wolf's joke character shouldn't lose to you since you are a disgrace. His 9 wins mean nothing since it's not about beating you, it's about not losing to a joke like you.
VDW, this comes from a video where PW beats you 9-2. You do know this right?
this might be impressive if i hadnt seen party wolf beat you like 10 times before this happened
You know this match is in my video...right?


Oct 21, 2014 at 10:41 PM
Posted by Vile_Death_Wave
Guess we blowing up Titansquad again boys!
Many Styles, In your mouth Preview.
This video only gets longer, you going keep that DJ tucked away now? Or do i have bring Xiba into mix? You better hope you never lose to me again.
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