TGS 11: Soul Calibur V Gameplay - Z.W.E.I. vs Mitsurugi

Lol, I missed those shortened movelists that they used to have on arcade machines.
Come on guys don't bash the new guys, wait until they over kill you over and over before you bash them. I think it's a good test to see if the game can be played casually. Oh man the more I see the more I get hype for this game.
Anyways, I find it hilarious how the namco guy tries to convince them to choose Natsu and they just ignore him...
That character selection theme music is epic. Definitely the best music I heard from the game so far.
OMG! Can you hear the button mashing!? ROFL!!! These guys suuccck! I don't care about not knowing what the commands are, they didn't even block!
It's a dev test to see if newer players can have fun without getting frustrated
Before you guys all laugh at their mashing, consider that they only know 3 moves from the character guide plus critical edge
Are they not allowed to use the block button?


Sep 15, 2011 at 10:02 AM
Posted by Malice
GRTV captured a match of Soul Calibur V with new addition Z.W.E.I. facing returning character Mitsurugi.
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