Tiamat (Algol) vs Tom Brady (Asta) Winner Final

Algol's awesome... Banned? Yes. But still awesome.
I mixed up the names. Tom Brady was the ringout enthusiast. Sorry Tiamat.
LOL. Either that sarcasm went straight through your heads or you all happily root for ringouts. Either case it's just sad. Avoiding the RO is simply good manners and makes for a better atmosphere between players. I certainly don't understand the RO acceptance in tourneys, since a dedicated ringouter can win against someone who is much more skilled. RO is never a deserved win. My opinion. Buuut wth, do as you want. What do I care as long as you don't go cheapass against me. :)
This is the video that started all the Algol hate and eventual ban. Thanks a lot Tiamat lol
Lol. Yeah, ringouts are great. ^^ I go for RO's every chance I get, then I don't have to beat them. It's fantastic! :D
you have a lot to learn, or not learn if that's how it ends up
That Tiamat sure loves ringouts. True sign of lacking skill.


May 26, 2009 at 12:05 AM
Posted by Tiamat
from late Sept, a truly historic event for SCIV
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