Tiamat (NM) vs Millionz (Cervantes) 2

Yeah I play pad. It has been so long since I played vs Cervantes that I even forgot that 3B/33B were guaranteed from blocked iGDR. I'm pretty sure you cannot punish 2A+B with 6K for whatever reason.
Tiamat do you play with Pad? Cause i got a stick a few days ago and started playing with Nightmare, i get his JF Aga almost all the time...very good against Cervantes. You really should punish stuff like aB, 66B, iGDR with more damage and more consistent, just saw a few 3Ks, but thats definetely not enough. 66B for example is -16 afair. On a blocked 2A+B you should get a 6K, its -14.


Jun 3, 2009 at 4:52 PM
Posted by Tiamat
casual match
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