I'm really surprised no one ever mentions that it's really hard for some to just give into the notion that our skill only goes so far. And that as long as a (low tier) character has a semblance of solid fundamentals, to drop them is to basically say "I'll never be good enough/figure it out" and I need this other character to compensate
Pretty interesting and something i could somewhat relate too. I don't think i play many lowteir characters but it often happens that i main the unpopular characters. Makoto in Street Fighter 4 for example. I think the reason is because i just wanna show or pretty much prove that this character can be really good.


Feb 26, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Posted by HydroJames
Pick a top tier? Nah. In the world of tiers, where characters are divided into groups based on their power there are always people who gravitate towards the lower end. Low tiers. But why? Let's find out. Remember to leave a LIKE if you guys enjoyed the video!

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