WolfLoneThe (Patroklos) vs HolyCarp (Pyrrha Omega)

@Blueboyb: It's the same thing I said the theMenace. I've been told recently that my friendslist is full, so you'll have to remind me in a couple of months time when I'll have access to PSN again. Just don't expect too much, I kind of fall apart on 3 bar connections lol
@LoneTheWolf: Bitch please.
Thanks for uploading. Ill try to not make it obvious when I let you have rounds next time :P Also the video that was "lost" was clearly a triple perfect thus why it wasn't uploaded
Oh chit, 2 months without Calibur?? Thats worse than no intercorse man! ...but yeah i'll try to remember :)
Holycarp would it be okay if i added you on PSN :)? If so, what's your psn name?
Thanks! The amount of GIs is kinda player dependent for me. Wolf kept using his frame advantage to force me to guess between 66B, 44A and 1K, and since guessing wrong generally results in BAD TIMES, I just started spamming GI as a get-out-of-jail-free card.
The only reason I didn't use more 4[A]A was because he wasn't reGI'ing that often. If he didn't reGI, there's a good chance he'd duck 4[A] which generally results in BAD TIMES. You probably raise a good point though ^^
Great matches. I like how you use so many GI's cause Omega has like the worst BEs in the game. Maybe you could have done something else after a GI than 236236B, I don't know maybe 4B or 4[A]A?
Too bad we haven't played more recently, but universy has been a bitch...
Thanks, Blueboyb!
@theMenace: I'm on a two month hiatus unfortunately, but if you remind me when I'm back I wouldn't mind testing our connection.
Great spacing and whiff punishes from Wolflonethe! Also Holycarp you are a beast at JGing! Overall a great performance from both players :). Now, I wish I was this good :/
Good stuff, would like to play you guys some time if our connection is decent enough.


May 1, 2013 at 7:34 PM
Posted by HolyCarp
These are the last few replays that my PS3 auto-saved from our last session.

Unfortunately there was one video (in which Wolf won) that didn't save properly, so the score should actually be 5:3 if anyone cares :P
10     8     777