I guess its safe to say that anyone with "death" in their name is a pain in the ass
Vile you bitch about Rugi/Pyrrha/Everyone. Just STFU you main Kilik.
Vile, I simply don't feel like running into your face, waiting and doing a mid over and over again to catch your twitch ducks. You're too boring to take seriously.
Pardon me if i'm too direct, your maxi isn't hard to beat marred.
Im the OG as far as Maxi players doing that stuff. Oh wait. Thats not true. KDZ was. But I dont really think hes a "maxi player" exclusive. He plays sieg amoung others
Am I the only one who really wants to know who it is?
The real problem is that most Maxi players have long ass names that are so impractically long that they have to abbreviate them out of necessity.
What is it with Maxi players and three letter acronyms for names? HRD, KDZ, IRM and one other I forget at the moment. Some crazy shit must be going down...
cant say for sure. But I know him and Jaxel live close and are good friends and hang out often. Its the sense I can make of it.
Ill bet it was KDZ playing. Jaxel sure as hell cant play maxi
I thought Jaxel's preview monitor had a shit ton of lag. Did he change his setup?


Jan 8, 2013 at 8:21 PM
Posted by Marginal
For those unfamiliar with the 8wayrun stream, usually the system's unattended and people just meet up in the room to play on the 8wayrun stream. I was surprised to see someone actually jump in for a game on that end.

Not sure who was playing. (A kid was commenting throughout the match that the 8wr dude clearly had more skill though so I'm sure it was my better regardless.)

Then I continue my free to Ivy streak. *sigh*
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