Xeph vs DeathInMyEyes - GRAND FINALS of the first Soul Calibur V Online Tournament (PS3 version)

Thanks guys! As with anything I know there's room for improvement, but I try. ;)
Nice comments, very lively.
Reminded me of Asenka or Ken Bogard (they're French commentators). And yes, it's a compliment.
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Commentary pretty good...was paying more attention to what you were saying than what was going on at times. =P
Holy hell... this is easily the best commentary SCV has had.
I love your commentary ;D
great commentary !
awesome match


May 15, 2012 at 8:21 PM
Posted by Fahros

Shoutouts to having an EPIC GRAND FINALS for the first Soul Calibur V online tournament! This video will wrap up the PS3 side action! I hope you all enjoyed these videos as much as I did commentating them!

HUGE shoutouts to 8wayrun.com, and UnseenWombat for hosting this tournament. Even bigger shoutouts to Xeph and D.I.M.E for giving us such a great fight! I lost my mind watching that action!

Thanks a ton you guys for watching, and the XBL finals, as well as some other games will be coming up very, very soon. ;)

Take care,
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