xxHawkeye2016xx loses 0-5 then threatens murder (Check 15:57 for lols)

Me: Hey I remember Hawkeye, i think he was a good Natsu player? Woah he threatens murder, this I gotta see.

"I have the best Natsu you could ever come across..... Nah kid you're trash, FT5 me Natsu mirrors you'll get raped 5-0 that's a fact."

Me: Damn thats a bold statement.


Me: Ohhh yeah its happening now!
Watches matches
Me: Lag or not, this is pretty one sided.
Me: Oh no, poor Hawkeye is starting to break
15:44 PERFECT.
Me: Well, that did look pretty damn close to rape. Why's he getting mad. This Avenger guy warned him.
Also, this is another example of what's wrong with the gaming community. You see someone getting angry over a video game, you humiliate that person, triggering him even further. Seriously, was it even worth it? It's the internet, and you took it seriously the minute you decided to make yourself look good in front of other people by revealing a chat lag. Jokes on you, dude.
That looks laggier than shyt...I would rage too, but I certainly wouldn't threaten to kill someone.
...wtf, really? What are the chances there's another guy out there with HAWKEYE in the name and plays Natsu?
That guy got pissed at me when I called him "Teenage DSP"
Didn't think you'd post this in the media section lol.


Mar 13, 2017 at 9:38 PM
Posted by sojirothatenken
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