Yeah Super Ultimate FenrisZero: Revengeance 4th Strike; Rise Of TITANSQUAD By Party Wolf

Fenris it's not so much I value beating you at this video game... It's about sloppily blowing the greatest rugi player to ever grace mankind with his presence. I totes want yous man seed to shower all over me ^_- (Obviously you're bitter judging by all guys are. #SaltySemen)
Hydro, He Wont Play Anyone Better Than Him. If He Wants To TD I'll FT10 Him And If He Can Win 1 He Wins.
We'll need a ThunderDome to determine who is truly better. The conflicting GT's confuse me.
Actually it's not even my GT, that's a friend I know from the GC who likes my customs.

But I know 8wayrunners are desperate as fuck to get a replay of me losing, too bad I always beat them they need to go hunt down random E5 rank nobodies... Guess that's why I'm better? RIP Fenriguy


Apr 17, 2014 at 10:12 AM
Posted by Party Wolf
kabuto the python all up in yo front page
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